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Used Luxury SUV Models Available in Seaside, CA

At Land Rover Monterey, we have an impressive selection of used luxury SUVs from leading brands like Land Rover and many others. We have these at our convenient location in Seaside, CA, and offer them at an affordable price that will compliment your budget and lifestyle. Best of all, these come with various features, colors, and trim levels so you can find what you need. You do not have to waste time hunting around our community because we have the best deals in town.

Ride and Handling

Our used Luxury SUV vehicles come with sturdy frames and excellent suspension systems that provide ride comfort standard automobiles cannot match. As you ride around San Jose, you can enjoy a stable, steady passage without jiggles and bumps that come from the road ahead. Plus, superior handling lets you easily maneuver through the various circumstances you encounter around Monterey without losing control.


Stepping in and out of our used luxury SUVs vehicles is easy because of the beneficial size and stature. Once inside, you can settle into comfortable seats and enjoy generous head and legroom. In addition to the premium materials added to the interior, you can also find outstanding amenities that offer superior climate control, sophisticated audio systems, Bluetooth connections, USB ports, and more. No matter what kind of day you experience, you can get relaxed again as you drive one of these around Santa Cruz.

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Find the perfect used luxury SUVs vehicles for your household at our dealership near Marina. Our knowledgeable staff is excited to help you throughout the entire process to get what you need. They will eliminate the stress and assist you in enjoying yourself as you purchase your next automobile. We hope to see you soon.

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