Which Will You Choose?

While shopping our selection of Range Rover SUVs for sale in Seaside, you've likely noticed that there are plenty of options for engines. You've seen terms like Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Naturally Aspirated… but what do they mean? Our Land Rover SUVs for sale near Monterey CA have a lot to offer, and these engines just increase the power you feel. Here's a quick breakdown of each option.


This is a term that means an air compressor is used to increase the pressure of the air entering an engine, which provides more oxygen to burn fuel and create power. Drivers of a Range Rover in Salinas have a few options to choose from for Supercharged engines, as does the Range Rover Sport.


Do you remember what a Supercharger is? A Turbocharged engine in a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is like a supercharger, but it is powered by a turbine in the exhaust stream. This method gives Santa Cruz CA Land Rover drivers more power.

Naturally Aspirated

The Naturally Aspirated engine is a standard engine, or rather, an internal combustion engine that depends on atmospheric pressure rather than creating its own through forced induction.

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