The Land Rover Range Rover line of luxury SUVs is known for its top-quality engineering, luxury, and performance features. Examples of these quality features include the Land Rover Range Rover engine lineup. These motors run the gamut from powerful and efficient to track-ready, and also offer fuel-efficient hybrids. These and other motor offerings demonstrate that this brand truly has something for drivers from Monterey, CA and beyond.

The Land Rover Range Rover Engine Lineup

The vehicles from the Land Rover Range Rover SUV lineup cater to many different types of driving styles. Some examples include:

  • Heavy Duty: The Land Rover Range Rover 3.0 L TD6 diesel motor is comfortable in city streets but can get down to work when necessary. This motor gets the most out of its 254 hp by offering over 443 foot-pounds of torque in return. This trade-off gives this vehicle an outsized towing capacity and makes it an excellent choice for individuals who expect to haul plenty of weight during their travels.
  • High Performance: The Land Rover Range Rover V-8 gas engine is the most powerful of the bunch. Its 5.0 L motor kicks out 557 hp as well as 516 foot-pounds of torque. Both of these numbers are virtually track-ready, and this motor has the transmission and supporting performance features to keep the wheels in firm contact with roadways. While it has enough power for many hauling purposes, performance enthusiasts who enjoy a good thrill will appreciate this motor.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The Land Rover Range Rover 2.0 L I4 PHEV power plant offers drivers the benefit of both fuel-efficient gas motors and powerful electric dynamos. This vehicle scores high on the fuel efficiency mark, scoring 42-mpg overall from its 398 hp motors. Drivers who enjoy luxurious features but who also promote energy efficiency will enjoy supporting this vehicle. There is much more to know about these motors, and here at your local Land Rover Range Rover dealership, we're happy to help you along on this journey. Contact us today to learn more about how these motor options can support your lifestyle.

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