Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles are known for their dependability and ability to handle a variety of terrains. One of the options available when making a purchase is to decide on whether you would prefer an all-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive possibility. It is good to know the difference between these and whether or not you actually need one versus the other. If you’re in Salinas or Santa Cruz, CA, the experts at Land Rover Monterey want to make sure you get the information you need before you buy. Continue reading to learn more below.

One of the more common features on many Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles is all-wheel drive for Monterey, CA drivers. All-wheel drive is when there is power generated for front and rear wheels to maximize traction control. With many vehicles, the all-wheel drive is controlled automatically when the vehicle senses traction is lost.

Four-wheel drive is when there is when the drivetrain powers all four wheels of the vehicle. This provides superb traction and allows the vehicle to traverse a wide variety of terrains, many of which other vehicles would struggle with. Land Rovers and Range Rovers that are equipped with four-wheel drive are commonly used for people that like to off-road and need to rely on excellent traction and control in areas that are commonly difficult to travel.

Comparing these two options when choosing a vehicle, you need to look at where you would like to drive. Many of the all-wheel-drive options are not made for off-road travel, so this option would be better for regular travel. For those that like to go on ski trips or areas of limited pavement where superior traction is a necessity, the four-wheel-drive option would be the best choice. The four-wheel-drive option is great for those campers, those who travel off-road, and those in areas of high snowfall.

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With either option of Land Rover and Range Rover, power and dependability are included. When choosing, it is good to look at where you will be traveling when picking between the all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. To get a good feel, come down to Land Rover Monterey near Seaside today and take one for a test drive. Contact us to learn more about our new Land Rover and Range Rover models today.

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