At Land Rover Monterey in Seaside, our whole team is looking forward to the release of the new Land Rover Defender. The name is accurate — this is the most rugged and capable Land Rover SUV yet.

Extreme Performance

The Defender is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse that's built for truly adventurous drivers. The strength starts in the frame, which is built with an innovative monocoque architecture. In comparison to a body-on-frame vehicle, which is already tough, this design is three times as rigid but still lightweight. That means that you can tackle the most challenging conditions on Earth. When you do, the intelligent all-wheel-drive optimizes traction and keeps you moving forward. In deep snow or desert sand, the Defender can even transfer all of its engine torque to a single axle — that way, you don't need to worry about getting stuck. The twin-speed transfer box acts as a backup, giving you additional lower gears for the most demanding terrain.

When you're driving over a dune or rock-crawling on a remote mountainside, the Defender's electronic air suspension ensures a comfortable ride. This system can raise your ride height as needed, offering extra clearance when obstacles are in your way. Do you have a preferred setting? The world-premiere Terrain Response allows you to choose the settings for the differential, traction control, steering, and powertrain configured to the landscape of Santa Cruz, CA.

Powerful Capacity

The ultra-strong Defender makes practically any task possible. Expand your adventure options with the Defender's 8,201-pound towing capacity. With the optional Advanced Tow Assist, driving in reverse is something to look forward to; it handles the counter-steering for you. Thinking about camping? The roof can support up to 661 pounds, so you can set up a roof-top tent. Is there a stream in your way? The Defender can drive through water of up to 34.5 inches deep. Need to use a winch? The optional winch accessory gives up to 10,000 pounds of pulling force.

Do you want to be one of the first people in Salinas to drive the new Land Rover Defender? Keep in touch with our team in Monterey, CA, and we'll let you know when this exciting SUV is available. Be sure to check out our new Land Rover Defender models and other new SUV options online before your next visit.

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