We at Land Rover Monterey know our customers around Seaside love to drive their Land Rovers in the summertime. They take vacation trips, escape Monterey CA for weekend and holiday getaways and make extra pickups for friends and family. Their Land Rovers stay busy during the hottest time of the year.

Summer driving puts a heavy burden on any vehicle. Summer brings extreme heat, stopping and starting in heavy traffic and, of course, running the air conditioner. Your Land Rover is up to the task, of course. You and Land Rover Monterey can support the effort by performing some simple summer driving maintenance.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Driving

A/C Service

Summer driving is all about keeping everything and everybody cool. That starts with your air conditioning system. Good A/C maintenance is good for your vehicle, good for your passengers and good for the environment.

Engine Cooling System

Keeping the engine cool is as important as keeping the cabin cool. Your cooling system's hoses, belts, coolant, and electronics all need to be in strong working condition as summer approaches.

Tires and Brakes

Heat is especially stressful for friction surfaces like tires and brakes. If we measure them while they're cool, you can count on them when it gets hot.


Heat stresses all your Land Rover's fluids, including engine oil, power steering and brake fluid, to name a few.


Extreme temperatures take a toll on batteries. Be sure to check your battery's overall condition and cranking power before the summer heat begins.

Prepare Your Land Rover for Summer at Land Rover Monterey

A heat-related breakdown around Salinas can be devastating, not only for your Land Rover but also for you and your passengers. A summer maintenance check-up can save you time, money and aggravation by avoiding a repair bill later.

Our service center is happy to provide summer-specific maintenance procedures to drivers Santa Cruz CA alongside exclusive rotating service specials. Please contact our team to schedule your summer maintenance today.

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