SUVs are very popular vehicles today and are popular with drivers of all ages. If you’ve ever driven down the highway, it probably comes as no surprise that SUVs make up a large percentage of the vehicles on the road today. SUV lovers are not limited to just a few makes and models. They may cost a little more than cars, but the features they offer more than make up the cost difference. Stop at Land Rover Monterey in Seaside to check out what we have for SUVs. From Range Rovers to Land Rovers and tons of ongoing specials, this just might be a perfect time to lease or buy a new SUV.

When buying a new vehicle, it’s hard to decide when the right time is to buy or lease. We all want the best deal possible. For years, it’s been known that fall is the best time to buy a vehicle because dealers are trying to empty out their lot to make room for new vehicles. However, the fluctuating economy has made it necessary to reduce inventory by selling SUVs now. Leasing is a great option at any time! Leasing allows Santa Cruz, CA to get a new SUV every couple of years. With the way everyone is wanting an SUV, it just might be a great time to get a good deal on an SUV right now!

One SUV that is really catching driver's eyes around Salinas is the Land Rover Defender. While it may appear to be just another SUV at first glance, the Land Rover Defender has its own functionality and sense of style. It drives great of pavement yet also has some dynamic off-road capabilities. Its six-cylinder engine allows for good fuel economy yet it still more than gets the job done. The Land Rover Defender all has some mighty interesting accessories. It’s been described as England’s response to the American Jeep. In other words, Jeep lovers will love the Land Rover Defender.

Chevrolet, Ford, Subaru, Toyota or the new Land Rover Defender, your choices are almost endless. Stop at our Monterey, CA area dealership to check out our SUVs and take a few out for test drives. There is nothing like driving an SUV to determine which style best suits your needs and driving habits. We’re here to help you decide whether buying or leasing would be your best option. This just might be the best time to lease or buy a new SUV.

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