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For many years the new inventory lineup at our Seaside CA dealership could be split into two distinct groups. For all-out luxury there's the Range Rover family that doesn't shy away from flaunting high-end looks around Salinas CA and for a balance of adventure and style there's the Land Rover Discovery Family. In the coming months, the inventory will grow to adopt a new sect: the Land Rover Defender Family!

The Land Rover Defender stopped global production in 2016, but the model hasn't been available for US sales since the late 1990s. Lucky drivers can snag a vintage one for private sale, and you might have even seen one traveling through Monterey! Thankfully, Land Rover is revitalizing the boxy, workhorse model, and we're excited everyone - including Americans - can get back behind the wheel of this utilitarian vehicle.

Do we have any Land Rover Defender news?

World Land Rover Day happened in April, and the brand used it to announce that the upcoming Land Rover Defender was entering the last phase of testing in Kenya. At the time, the capable model had done 745,645-miles of quality testing, and we can only imagine how exciting the testing job must be!

Along with testing in Kenya, the Land Rover Defender has visited other challenging places. To make sure the pavement engineering is smooth and comfortable for your Watsonville and Prunedale commutes, testers took the Land Rover Defender out to the famed Nürburgring facility. For sand dune testing, the 4x4 visited Dubai. To see how it handled on muddy roads, the Land Rover Defender ambled over to Eastnor UK, and for rocky climbs the best spot to visit was Utah's Moab. In fact, the image below shows a vintage Land Rover Defender in Moab, so if the older ones can do this, just wait for the upcoming edition.


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Clearly, engineers are taking no chances as they prep this iconic model, and no matter where you want to go, there's no doubt the Land Rover Defender can handle the conditions with ease!

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