3 Reasons to choose Land Rover over BMW

At Land Rover Monterey in Seaside CA, we've got a great selection of new Land Rover SUVS. If you're looking for luxury and exciting performance, drive over from Salinas CA or Watsonville to check out our offerings.

Of course, we know we aren't the only luxury nameplate for you to buy or lease and drive around Monterey. BMW is a big competitor of ours, and here are three reasons why you'd rather bring a Land Rover SUV back to your home in Prunedale than a BMW.

Land Rover versus BMW: Off-Road Performance

When you get bored of driving on the pavement, you can easily take on some challenging off-road trails in any SUV from the new Land Rover lineup, and these capabilities set Land Rover apart from most of its competitors.

Even though BMW calls their larger models Sport Activity Vehicles (SAV) they aren't really equipped to go off-roading. Their performance lies more in horsepower, but if you want to get the top levels you need an M-Series model and pay a significant amount of money for the upgrade.

Land Rover versus BMW: Lifestyle Options

Land Rover appeals to a wider customer base, and that's because they have two distinct classes of models. The Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport are perfect for California drivers who want an SUV that's high-end but still has a utilitarian edge. With a BMW, all models have a similar feel, so if you're an outdoorsy type you're more likely to find a Land Rover SUV that fits your style than a BMW SAV.

For those who want more luxury, the Land Rover Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover don't hold back on the flashier amenities, so you can still find a vehicle that fits you if you're more a little showier and proud of it!

Land Rover versus BMW: Third-Row Flexibility

The BMW X Series SAV lineup has eight offerings and only two of them have third-row capabilities. The BMW X5 can get an optional third-row and the all-new BMW X7 is the first to have to have a standard third-row. If you need an extra row, you'll find more offerings with the Land Rover Lineup. Three-row options for our brand include the following:

  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Used Land Rover LR4 (and we always have a few of these retired models on hand!)

Stop into our dealership this week to get behind the wheel of a Land Rover model and finally see why our vehicles are better than a BMW SAV.

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