See Where the Range Rover Sport Takes on the BMW X5

For those looking for a quality, spacious and luxurious SUV in the areas of Seaside, Salinas, Prunedale and Watsonville, we have the answers at Land Rover Monterey. Our collection of vehicles includes the Range Rover Sport, and when you take a closer look you'll see it's able to do plenty against the competition.

For example, when you compare the Range Rover Sport against the BMW X5, you're going to find the following advantages:

  • With the Range Rover Sport, you're going to find that it provides more standard V6 power than the BMW X5 with a 340-horsepower engine compared to the X5's 300-horsepower option
  • The Range Rover Sport also provides you with standout off-road capabilities with 4x4 and all-wheel drive and driving modes to give you the traction and grip you need, while that's not available on the X5
  • When it comes to performance off the beaten path, the Range Rover Sport is taller and wider to offer you and your passengers more space and room along with more ground clearance to get over uneven terrain, besting the X5
  • You're going to find with a larger fuel tank, the Range Rover Sport can drive a longer distance thank the BMW X5 on a single tank of gas
  • There's also standout features like a standard premium sound system onboard the Range Rover Sport, which isn't an option on the BMW X5

Our team would be happy to provide you with all the details on our collection of Range Rover Sport models here in our new Land Rover Range Rover lineup. Contact us to arrange a time to stop in our showroom and see these fine vehicles up close soon.

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