World Land Rover Day Celebrates 70 Years of Land Rover

Here at Land Rover Monterey, we're Land Rover lovers, that much is clear. We believe the true adventure luxury performance SUV is found in our showroom serving Seaside and Salinas with a plethora of options that offer high levels of satisfaction. On April 30th, Land Rover and all of us here are going to celebrate it with World Land Rover Day for its 70th anniversary.

For seven decades, Land Rover vehicles have traversed the globe in some of the roughest and rugged places on earth and held up to show us they can tackle any challenge thrown their way. In addition to these adventures, our Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles also provide everyday driving experiences for all of us, with smooth rides throughout cities and countryside alike, offering comfort, convenience, and an executive experience for all who ride in one.

If you've been seeking that experience out, our team is here to help you as we can discuss all the different options and answer any questions you might have at Land Rover Monterey, so be sure to contact us and we can continue the conversation.

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